Clubs in CRC are classified into academic and subject clubs respectively


  1. Drama
  2. Literary & Debating Neh 8:1
  3. Press Club (a.k.a Ezra The Scribe)
  4. JETS
  5. Blessed Hands
  6. Home Makers Prov 31:31



  1. Bezaleel
  2. Davidic Band
  3. Egbe Akomolede Yoruba
  4. Ndi Nmeri
  5. Le des Champions

The JETS club, Blessed Hands and Home-Makers are otherwise known as WISDOM clubs while Egbe Akomolede Yoruba, Ndi Nmeri and Les des Champions are known as PENTECOSTAL clubs (Acts 9:4)

David Bands, Literary and debating and drama are CREATIVE ARTS clubs (Exodus 35:35)

While Davidic Band is Music based, Egbe Akomolede Yoruba, Ndi Nmeri and Les Champions are Yoruba, Igbo and French based respectively.