The department of Mathematics was carved out of science department in September 2012 by the school management. This must have been as a result of the fact that the department can now stand on its own considering the staff strength and the performance of students in the subject [mathematics].

The subject available in the department are Mathematics for all the students and Further mathematics for senior school only.

The department has seven [7] competent and experienced staff. In terms of academic excellence student performance in the school cannot be underrated.

Since the department of Mathematics came into existence, students; performance has always been excellent over the years, both in internal and external examinations [JSCE and SSCE].

The department of Mathematics [subject room] is equipped to an enviable standards; with overhead projector interactive board and other instructional materials that aid effective teaching – learning process.

Students in the department are given one-on-one attention for better performance. This students-centred teaching / learning techniques have resulted in some of the achievements recorded in the department.
So far, they include

– Gold medal in 2016 National Mathematics Competition
– Gold medal in 2016 American Mathematics Competition
– 5th Best [Nigeria] in 2017 National Mathematics Competition
– Best overall in Nigeria 2018 National Mathematics Competition
– Best in Additional Mathematics in 2018 IGCSE
– Our Generation Foundation Mathematics Competition
[Best in Sagamu L.G.A and Best ten [10] in Ogun State

More are still in the pipeline because God is our source of strength and knowledge in the department.