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Visiting days at Christ The Redeemer's College hold on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month in the first term and 3rd Saturdays only in second and third terms

Visiting hours begin at 1:00pm and go on till 5:00pm

Visiting day Decorum will be strictly adhered to in every way. Parents on arrival register their presence with the student ushers at the gate for the day. It is at this point you may indicate if you have a written permission of another parent to visit his/her child on his/her behalf. Children will only be sent for on visiting day when you arrive. All students will remain out of sight in the hostel until sent for.


In CRC Parents are allowed to bring some food for their wards, however such foods are governed by the following codes:

1. Food allowed must be:-

  1. Brought in small coolers
  2. Served on flat plates
  3. Brought in only for your own ward alone, unless permission is taken to feed another child
  4. Only 12 inch size cakes are allowed (that is the maximum, it may be smaller). It must be brought in whole, cut and eaten during visiting only.
A student whose birthday has occurred before visiting day is allowed to share a cake on visiting day with friends, cakes will not be accepted into the College outside of visiting day

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2. The following items are completely banned from visiting day at all times

  1. Canned drinks
  2. Salads
  3. All snacks
  4. All packed food - Tastee chicken, Mr Biggs, Tantalizers, Sweet Sensation, etc
  5. Candy bars, Sweets, etc
  6. Ice cream
  7. Nylon bags must never be brought to the College in any form. If for any reason a parent arrives in the College, unable to bring personal food, the College Tuc Shop will be opened to parents. Parents must purchase only those items which their wards can eat. Do not send a student to the Tuc Shop with cash. The student will be punished for handling cash.

Parents who violate any of these regulations and are caught doing so will have his/her name published in the CRC ChristHilletin as well as earning the child a serious detention.

All visitors must stay within the designated visiting areas while student hosts and hostesses for the day will inform your child/ward of your presence.

Parents are allowed to bring in only refill toiletries. Any thing beyond the allowed items will be refused. Cooked food is allowed, however this must be brought in with caution as indicated earlier, but it must not be taken into the hostel.

Visiting day must be conducted with decorum. christian values in celebration must be maintained. 1 Cor 14:40


The College does not entertain exeats, except in extreme emergencies. The College reserves the right to decide on extreme emergencies

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