Department of Humanities

The department of Humanities gave birth to department of Languages and Vocational Studies. This is one of the management’s strategies to ensure effective supervision of teaching and learning in Christ the Redeemer’s College. The department of Humanities often use excursions and field trips as a form of teaching method. This is to allow students interact with life situations and collect first-hand primary data on their own. The department has won many prizes including some UNESCO. based activities

The Humanities department offer the following subjects:

Junior School
  • Social Studies
  • Christian Religious knowledge
  • Music
  • Visual Arts

    Senior School

  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Government
  • History
  • Christian Religious Studies
  • Visual Arts

The team of teachers in the department are committed, dedicated, God-fearing professionals who are always ready to give their best to the children and update their knowledge through seminars, conferences and sandwich programmes.

The department has an ultra-modern music room with well equipped modern musical instruments.

The visual arts unit is well developed. Sculpturing is a remarkable aspect of art available to students in CRC. The department has progressed from the stage of painting, drawing, pottery and gone a step higher to glass-work and others. The art exhibition of the department during previous Redeemer’s day was awesome.