Since inception on 21st June, 2014, the department of languages which comprises of five units – English, Literature-In-English, French, Yoruba, and Igbo has been working earnestly to fulfill the mandate which created it. The department, carved out of Department of Humanities, was charged to develop good writing and speaking skills in the learners.

As a way of actualizing this goal, the Department in collaboration with the College, organises weekly public speaking drills to train and prepare students for competitions outside the school. In order to consolidate the gains of this training, a Literacy Day is usually organised once in a session, where CRC students watch their counterparts from invited schools participate in public speaking, debate and poem dramatization, while they (CRC students) also participate alongside with students from other schools on an ungraded platform.

The Press Club of the college also gives the students ample opportunity to express themselves by taking charge of news items and information to be disseminated to the college community, every week. On competitions, the Department has prepared students for public speaking and debate contests and the results have been very impressive

Still on writing, the results of certificate students writing English language in external examinations have been encouraging in the last few years under review. To God alone be all the glory.

For effective management and service delivery, the Department was streamlined into English language/Literature Department and Languages’ Department comprising Yoruba, Igbo and French, in September, 2019. Both Departments work as a team to carry out assigned tasks when the need arises.