The College has an adequately furnished library with books from all fields of academic endeavour as it affects the secondary schools. The school library is fully air-conditioned and well ventilated with fans.. The library has five computers connected to the internet, printers and photocopiers. Students are, as a matter of fact, able to get information for their studies so that they can be complete students in this 21st century.. The library is divided into sections – the students reading section, staff reading section and the computer and internet section. Apart from the subject-based books, there are also colunms for periodicals, magazines, newspapers (daily basis), and literature materials among others.

The College Librarian is competent in library matters


Christ The Redeemer’s College fondly called CRC is a school that is deeply rooted in computer education and information technology. Computer literacy is a must for both students and members of staff. CRC Computer Laboratory is a fully air-conditioned, neatly tiled room with well over thirty latest version functional computers all networked with internet connectivity and network printers. Students DO NOT share computers or any of its accessories during classes. Computer literacy training is not just compulsory but a way of life for every student of CRC. Students are fully introduced to such application packages as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, CorelDraw, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat etc. Also, basic computer engineering and maintenance are taught to the students These are achieved with the efforts of our highly trained computer personnels and engineers Use of computers is not limited to the computer room alone. The Principal’s offices, Administrative offfce, Accounts department, Library, Science laboratories etc are all computerized and networked with internet access


Just like the Olympics motto – (Citius, Fortius, Altius) which translates as ‘Faster, Stronger and Higher’, sports and sporting activities have developed trememdously in the college. This is an era when every student wants to be involved in one sport or the other. The College on her part is doing everything possible to encourage the students to achieve their growing interest. Christ The Redeemer’s college is a member of the Christ The Redeemer’s School Movement (CRSM) has been noted for her exploits at the “REDEEMER’S DAY”. The Redeemer’s Day is a three-day programme for all the schools (both Primary and Secondary) under the umbrela of the CRSM). Sporting activities, Art exhibitions and Science exhibitions formed the core of the events to be competed for . Since inception, CRC has always been in the first position. The College is also a member of the “BRESCAG”, tagged Brain Trust and Sports Competition. This is a group of some renowned and notable private secondary schools in Lagos. CRC is a dominating force at the competition particularly in Athletics and Soccer. Our annual Inter-House Athletics Competition has always been the talk of the town among games masters and officials. The finesse and the touches put into the organization of the Athletics has always added glamour to it year in year out. In line with the increased interest of the students, the sports directors of the College have put in place some sporting programmes that will stimulate the students further. One of such is the introduction of CRC version of the “Champions League”. Students form their teams and play around-robin tournament. Three days of the week are earmarked for sports training in the College. Students show great enthusiasm towards their involvement in sports. The College has a well-equipped gymnasium where students spend their leisure time particularly on weekends. The Gym is equipped with a Billiard table, Barbells, Dumb bells, Mat for floor activities and Table tennis boards.Other sports facilities in the College include; soccer pitch, badminton court, basketball court, handball court, volleyball court among others. The relay quartet (boys and girls) of the College is also notable and well recognized both in Lagos and Sagamu environs. Over the years, the team has won several laurels in their various outings. Some of the athletes of the College have represented the state i.e. Ogun State, in various competitions e.g. South West Games (2007 edition), Falilat Ogunkoya National 400meters athletics competition. The feats achieved by the athletes of the College are amazing and incredible thinking of the academic work load and other demanding bulk of commitments. To God be the glory


The language laboratory is well-equiped to sit more than thirty students at a time. Each student has to him/herself all the necessary gadgets like tapes, ear phones and all audio and visual aids. The language laboratory is fully air-conditioned making it conducive for accelerated learning. The speech aspect of all languages are learnt in the language laboratory


As a missionary international college, by God’s grace, the College is keenly concerned and interested in the spiritual well-being and growth of students and staff of the College. The College from begining started with spiritual programmes as it is core to her establishment. The college chapel committee organizes Sunday service, Tuesday digging deep and Friday CTU for students. The Sunday services are worship days, Tuesday digging deep is an avenue to search the scripture, a time for Bible study. It’s a time when students are taken deeply into the word of God, in which there are ” issues of life” . The Christian Training Union(CTU) is the training chapter of the college spiritual programmes. It’s a time when students are taught on how to grow in the knowledge and use of the word of God so that they can be complete persons when they leave the college and go to live “in the world ” House fellowship is also part of the programmes done in Christ The Redeemer’s College, ChritHill. There are other occasions when special programmes like fasting and prayers are organised.


The College has a big farm which started since its inception. Different aspects of farming are engaged in the farm. The farm has the following sections: Snailry, Goat, Rabitry, Cow pen, Fish pond, Maize, Cassava, plantain/banana, Pawpw, Pineapple etc. There is also the poultry section where Broilers, Cockrel, Layers and Turkey are reared. The College farm also grows different types of vegetables. The College farm is managed by a committee set up by the College management with a farm manager being directly in-charge of the farmland. The farm manager reports directly to the farm committee. The college farm produces are primarily for students’ consumption, extras are sold to members of staff and the public. This adds to the College’s internal revenue generation.


Christ The Redeemer’s College is an institution that does not take medical attention of her students with levity. The College has a very good clinic with day-to-day facilities to take care of the students and staff. The College clinic is fully equipped to take care of students’ medical needs. There is a standby nurse, a nursing officer and a principal Nursing officer who oversee all the medical facilities provided in the clinic for staff and students Emergency cases are quickly referred to Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital (OOUTH) Sagamu, which is just few kilometers away, for special attention. The college has been performing well ensuring that both the staff and students feel comfortable in a healthy environment


Music has remained a long tradition among Africans and served as a medium where man had freely expressed his feelings, emotions, sentiments and commune with his creator. CRC is not an exception to this unique African traditional practice. Apart from the fact that music is taught as a compulsory subject in the Junior Secondary School, it is also meant to identify some musical potentials and to develop the musical trait in the student through the use of JSCE, WAEC and NECO syllabi. Music is taught as an optional subject in the Senior Secondary School, at this level, we make use of WAEC, NECO and IGCSE syllabi. Music in CRC is also taken as extra-curricular activity where we have various musical groups such as the College Mass Choir which partake in concerts, music competition and most importantly minister at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) special Holy Ghost service. As a matter of fact, Music Room in the school is a place, one will love to be, in terms of its well-ventillated atmosphere, furniture, modern whiteboard and ultramodern musical instruments such as the Upright piano, Trumpets, Saxophones, Violins, Guitars, Brigade Bands and a very sophisticated public address system. CRC is blessed with many qualified instrumentalists and talented music teachers. These crop of professionals make sure that as a tradition, an average CRC student can play at least three different musical instruments before leaving the school. Music has really been developed in the school by these wonderful men who have great passion for the subject and always strive to bring about positive change in the life of the students.


The College employs the services of trained security operatives. The guards are trained to protect lives and property of students and every other member of CRC community. They work both day and night, checking persons and things coming into and going out of the College. The lives and belongings of our students and staff are very important to us                  


The College has no problem with classrooms. They are more than enough for students. Each is complete with all the facilities for hitch-free teaching/learning activities any time of the day. One remarkable thing about our classrooms in CRC is that they are not crowded. Population per class ranges between 15 and 25 students. Teachers find the classes easily manageable and ensure that every student is reached for maximum assimilation of what is taught. As a matter of dedication to professional practice and commitment to the success of students, teachers in CRC sacrificially expend time and effort on existing and transfer students, especially those from Europe and America, to ensure that they are academically sound. More often than not, classroom teaching/learning sessions are participatory, thanks to the creative ability of the teachers               



  1. Computer laboratory – 25 Students capacity
  2. Language laboratory – 30 students capacity
  3. Multi-Media room – 150 students capacity at a time
  4. Music room
  5. Biology/Integrated Science laboratory
  6. Chemistry laboratory
  7. Physics/Applied Electricity workshop
  8. Wood work/Metal work workshop
  9. Home Economics/Food & Nutrition
  10. Art Studio
  11. Typing Pool
  12. Library/Internet facilities
  13. Gymnasium
  14. Administrative Office (State ot the art office equipment – photocopies/computers, binders etc)
  15. 200KVA Generator
  16. Under construction Home Management/Clothing & Textile laboratory
  17. College Chapel
  18. Modern Dining Hall and Kitchen
  19. Purpose-built girls hostel
  20. Purpose-built Boys hostel under construction
  21. Large-Airy classrooms
  22. Counselling rooms – Private office and counselling hall. (for group discussion)
  23. Modern equipped clinic
  24. Large farm for both crop and animal farming